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Tim Hinely: FOR THE LOVE OF ZINES! (PT. 5)


This is what the world looked like before WordPress, punks. And it was a more vibrant, exuberantly tactile world, too. Our resident fanzine expert Tim “Dagger” Hinely weighs in.


Print is still alive and well and here’s some rags to prove it! (See Part 4 of this series elsewhere on the Blurt site.) Fall is here, which mean that the baseball season is slowly coming to its conclusion, so with that in mind….


Zisk (#27) I have to start off every review of Zisk by stating that it is “The baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines.” Mike and Steve will never quit. Ever (and we hope they never do). This ish includes Mighty Joe Young! The all-time World Series team, some serious hate for Roger Clemens and much more. Come on man, don’t we all hate Clemens? For that alone you need this. www.ziskmagazine.com

Vulcher (#1) Long-time Los Angeles based writer Eddie Flowers has dusted off his old mag and restarted it again. He and his pal Kelsey Simpson have gathered up a gang of folks to put a new spin on a classic old rag. You might not hear Eddie’s name in the same breath as Bangs or Meltzer but it should be: During his early days in Indianapolis, he was a member of now-legendary punk band The Gizmos and part of the creative team that gave the world the mighty fanzine and record label Gulcher—hence the ‘zine title here. He’s got a hard-working crew of writers (including yours truly) that rivals that of Bull Tongue (see below). It’s packed to the gills and excellent. Write Eddie for a copy at slippytown@gmail.com

The Big Takeover (#78) Speaking of someone who nevers quits (and we hope he doesn’t) is Jack Rabid, editor of this long-running mag. It started off 100 years ago as one piece of paper and now has grown into a nice, glossy mag covering the gamut of punk and indie rock. In this ish is Savages (cover stars) plus other interviews with John Doe, The Thermals, Tanya Donnelly, Kid Congo, Lemmy (RIP), Great Lakes, La Sera, and more interviews also hundreds of reviews and much more. Lotsa bang for your buck. 152 pages. www.bigtakeover.com

Bull Tongue Review (#5) Byron Coley and his motley crew of writers just keep on keeping on with this thick monster (close to 80 pages). You get reviews of whatever the writers feel like writing about and with a lineup like this you’ve gotta be tuning in: Gregg Turner, Tom Lax, Michael Hurley, Eddie Flowers, Thurston Moore, Bruce Russell, Richard Meltzer and too many others. Tune in, turn on and get intoxicated (on these writings). www.bulltonguereview.com

Casting Couch (#4), Miranda Fisher hails from Austin, TX, and seems to be soaking up all that fair city has to offer. Fuck the high rents and overpriced lattes, she’d rather head down to Beerland and catch a band then write about it (I’m assuming here). Casting Couch isn’t all Austin though. In here she’s got pieces on Lavender Flu, La Misma, Golden Pelicans, Crazy Spirit plus reviews and a lot more. The Golden Pelicans even pose for a color pinup on the back cover, hell, this is issue is worth it for that alone! castingcouchzine@gmail.com

Dynamite Hemorrhage (#3) San Franciscan Jay Hinman used to do the punk-garage zine Superdope. He then got married, had a kid and settled down, if just a bit. Well he came roarin’ back a few years ago with DH #1 and now he’s up to issue #3 and it’s spectacular. It’s a perfect mix of old and new, olde as the Velvet Underground are on the cover plus a piece on old San Fran band World of Pooh, but he also scribbles about new bands, too. White Fence, Unit 4, Sara Fancy and others. Plus there’s reviews, pics and it looks beautiful (bound with a full-color cover). www.dynamitehemorrhage.com


Exploitation Retrospect (#52) Editor Dan Taylor used to do an awesome food zine called the Hungover Gourmet but I had no idea he’d been doing this rag on obscure films. I guess he’s been doing E.R for like thirty years or more, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this one. Anyway, this is a bound, digest-sized rag that calls itself “the journal of junk culture & fringe media.” Inside this ish is WAVE Productions, Nikkatsu Erotic Films, novels and movies featuring The Destroyer and plus reviews and a lot more. One issue and you’ll be hooked. www.dantenet.com

Fuckin’ Ziggurat (#1) This zine is put out by the folks behind the Emotional Response record label but mostly done by Stewart Anderson and this zine come with a 17-track cd as well. In this ish is Bobby Carlson, Ginnels, Primitive Calculators, Quaaludes and others plus no reviews but plenty o’ comics! It’s all bound up in a zine that slightly bigger than a half-sized one. On the cd are the names listed above plus Bing and Bob, Tangible Excitement, Croque Madame, Wanda Junes, etc. Dig into the zine, the CD and the label. Go! www.jenandstew.com

Incremental Decrepitude (#4) Done by Mr. Dave Brushback who is no stranger to the zine scene having previously done zines like Run It and Brushback as well as others. This one is pocket-sized and is all record, zine and live shows reviews except for the interview with Bonus McGinty. Dave only made a handful of these but write to him anyway and see if he has any left (if not he probably has a new zine in the works anyway). Rock_in_my_shoes@yahoo.com




This is what the world looked like before WordPress, punks. And it was a more vibrant, exuberantly tactile world, too. Our resident fanzine expert Tim “Dagger” Hinely weighs in.


Print is still alive and well and here’s some rags to prove it! Check out these choice offerings for the winter, as they will leave ink stains on your fingers quite nicely and keep you warm at night…


The Big Takeover (#77) Jack’s back! Meaning Jack Rabid and his trusty crew of hard workers put out another issue of the Big Takeover. Now in its ……35th year I believe and cramming in all the news that’s fit to print. In this ish is Ride (cover stars) plus other interviews with Low, Flesh Eaters Chris D., Royal Headache, Mercury Rev (by Mr. Joseph Kyle) The Damned (part 2) and more. Interviews plus many others. There’s lots of history here and well worth your hard-earned dough at 136 pages. www.bigtakeover.com


Bull Tongue Review (#4) I think this new zine, started up by Mr. Byron Coley, wasn’t even around when I did my last column a little less than a year ago, but since that time he has cranked out four issues. Under the title it states “A quarterly journal of post-rock cultural pluralism.” And basically it’s about 75 pages of reviews and musings on… well, anything and everything. The list of contributors is pretty amazing; Ira Kaplan, Michael Hurley, Tom lax, Chris D., Bruce Russell, Tesco Vee, Gregg Turner and too many more (including yours truly). Pick it up and learn something. I hope this one continue for a long time. www.bulltonguereview.com


Ugly Things (#30) Editor Mike Stax must be finding more time to do this as it seems I see UT a few times a year now instead of the once a year it used to be. I certainly don’t mind though it takes me forever to read an issue. This issue, like all of them, is all things garage and freakbeat (i.e.: mostly 1960’s) and has pieces on The Clingers (never heard of ‘em either), Brian Jones (now him I have heard of), The Mickey Finn plus Kim Fowley, The Saints, a ton of reviews and lots more—including a regular, must-read column by Cyril Jordan of the Flamin’ Groovies—crammed into 176 pages (at press time a new ish of UT, #40, is now out though I have not gotten it yet). www.ugly-things.com


Zisk (#26) I have to start off every review of Zisk by stating that it is “The baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines.” Yeah! They’re now on to issue #26 and Mike and Steve, continue to bust out issues of Zisk two times per year (what the fuck have you done?!). In this ish is a drawing of Yogi on the cover (RIP) plus Johnny Bench (remember him?), an Orioles fan vs. Derek Jeter, the Meaning of Commitment, Cincy and plenty more. You gotta gotta gotta have it. www.ziskmagazine.com




Jim Shepherd: Negotiate Nothing (Nix Rock n’ Roll Comics) Bela Koe-Krompecher is the Columbus, OH everyman, running his own label (Anyway Records) and doing a heartfelt blog on the Columbus scene too (he also used to co-own Used Kids Records along with Stache’s, Columbus’ premier (ahem) venue for indie/punk bands in the ‘90s). OK, cutting right to it, a few years ago he did a blog posting on the late Jim Shepherd, an underground legend in Columbus via his self-produced records and tapes, in this 20 –page zine/comic Bela, along with illustrator Andy Bennet and designer/compiler Ken Eppstein have put together a unique mag on the life and times of the enigmatic Shepherd. Via his work in bands like Vertical Slit and V-3 (once signed to a major subsidiary, Onion Records). Shepherd was sort of king shit on turd mountain (though it sounds like he wanted to be anything but….and yes, there is a good Bob Pollard-related story on here) and truly created a unique catalog by absolutely refusing to budge in any way (even the title of the comic was part of a Shepherd quote, “Negotiate nothing, tear it all down”). This is a fascinating look at a true American original and honestly, a steal at $5. www.nixcomics.com www.belakoekrompecher.wordpress.com