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Michael Toland: Throwing Horns – The Blurt Metal Roundup

THROWING HORNS - Blurt's Metal Roundup (Pt.1)

Smell the glove and make the sign of the umlaut, kids: announcing the first installment in our latest genre study, with Carcass, Windhand, Satyricon, Ihsahn, Motörhead, Mastodon and much more.


You’d think a subgenre with a forbidding name like doom would be the loneliest of ghettos – who the heck wants to sample music with connotations of death and dread simply by its categorical title? But doom metal aficionados know better – the sensual power of the slow, heavy wash of melodic distortion and dinosaur stomp can scratch an itch you didn’t even know you had. Just ask Black Sabbath how much mileage it’s gotten over the past four decades. Continue reading