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Fred Mills: Why I Love Mark J. Mulcahy (Blurt Video Tribute)

Mark Mulcahy

Dine on a buffet of video and audio clips culled from the man’s entire career…

By Fred Mills, Blurt Editor

Elsewhere on the site this week we have an interview with Mark Mulcahy, former Miracle Legion and Polaris (The Adventures of Pete and Pete) frontman and solo artist extraordinaire whose wonderful new album, Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You arrived recently via his Mezzotint label. By way of additional tribute, then, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Mulcahy moments currently lodged on YouTube; I was a huge fan of Miracle Legion from the New Haven group’s early-’80s beginnings (I even, uh, bootlegged a couple of live shows by the band that I taped – or, more accurately, I made sure they were available to plenty of fans but no, I didn’t sell them), and have remained a fan of Mulcahy over the years. So being able to revisit the music, below, has been a total pleasure. Continue reading