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Fred Mills: Watch Videos of Tom Petty Live at the Hollywood Fonda

Petty 1

June 3 in Cali, and in hi-def to boot.

By Fred Mills

They say young people nowadays get their primary new music fix via YouTube, and not specifically from videos. Of course, some of us, ahem, old folks find reason to frequent YouTube from time to time too, more likely from videos. And here’s a textbook reason: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers live at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California, last week.

Petty Setlist

It’s worth noting that there are a TON of clips from the Fonda posted, but one enterprising Petty fan in particular appears to have gone above and beyond by posting clips of what appear to be every song performed at the concert—and in HD. Hats off to YouTube user “razorstarzz” and to the superb audio and video quality. This is just awesome. Below, check out a couple of tunes, then hop over to YouTube and/or the razorstarzz YouTube channel to watch the rest of the songs (full setlist is above). Meanwhile, go elsewhere on the BLURT site to check out our photographer Scott Dudelson’s awesome photo gallery of the Heartbreakers’ Fonda show on June 11…