Zola Jesus – Conatus

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)




You can take the farm out of the girl – but why would you
want to? Born and raised on a 100 acre homestead in the middle of Wisconsin, Nika Danilova
(aka Zola Jesus) clearly had plenty of spare time and haunting inspiration – her
dad was a hunter after all – to help her prepare lush albums filled with
ethereal, dark soundscapes that have been the predecessor for a new flock of
goth pop doves.


After a rush of solid EPs, Danilova has built a fortress with
her latest LP, Conatus, that furthers
her classically trained Liza Minnelli husk with the bad seeds of a Siouxsie
Sioux. The operatics of her voice make it the most intriguing instrument on the
album but the new exploration of violins and cellos that feminize the massive
drum fills make Conatus even more


Don’t be fooled; it’s exactly Danilova’s Midwest charm
infused with Middle Age drama that make her the pick of the crop in this
evolving genre.


“Vessel,” “Seekir” SELENA FRAGASSI

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