Zeus – Say Us

January 01, 1970

(Arts & Crafts)


When a lead singer opts to forsake his band in order to go the solo route, most
fans will barely raise an eyebrow. But when a band breaks out on their own sans
their front man, it’s likely to garner more than a little curiosity. Happily,
there’s no bad blood between Zeus and their usual collaborator,
singer/songwriter Jason Collett.  In
fact, there are plans for them to serve as his back-up band for his upcoming tour.
Still, Say Us provides a welcome
opportunity for Zeus to spin their own sound, proving they’re equally adept at creating
tuneful melodies, soaking up retro references and taking an easily accessible


Even so, Say Us doesn’t shy away from revealing some quirkier instincts, as evidenced by both
its fidgety opener “How Does It Feel?” and the overt exuberance of “You Gotta
Tell’er.”  Zeus coat their tunes with an
effervescent sheen, resulting in a pervasive glow that immediately illuminates
tunes like “The Renegade,” “Marching Through Your Head” and “The Sound of
You.”  Ultimately, Zeus’ potential to
reach Olympian heights remains to be seen, but even as mere mortals, they still
manage to impress.


“You Gonna Tell’er,” “The Sound of You” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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