Zee Avi – Zee Avi

January 01, 1970





It takes an extremely talented songwriter to create visions
of beaches and sunsets through sound but still manage to deliver a deep and haunting
lyrical message to listeners. Be prepared for Zee Avi. The songstress is making
the most of her opportunity to sport new material on Brushfire Records by
displaying her unique voice and soft sound, which ranges from freelance jazz to
hints of island folk-rock. While the music may carry the vibe of a tropical
isle, her voice and story-telling techniques convey difficult everyday
situations, revealing the vulnerabilities of life.


With an opening song like “Bitter Heart,” where Avi
describes the emotional roller-coaster of a love gone wrong while strumming
upbeat-poppy rhythms, listeners are assured of a relaxing journey. Others like
“Just You and Me” and “I Am Me Once More” add flavor with arbitrary horn solos
that soothe the ears and meld perfectly with Avi’s powerful voice.


“Poppy,” easily one of the standout tracks on the album,
grabs the attention instantly from the first clicks of Avi’s fingers – don’t be
surprised if you find this tune floating around your head for days – and
proceeds to tells the story of a lost soul who loses his footing and wanders
away from those he loves. Quotes like “he lost that smile he had before” and
“slapping his veins” bring a tremendous amount of visual interpretation on the
part of the listener and creates an instant connection to the artist,
displaying the amount of emotional dedication Avi put into the album for the


Avi’s self-titled debut shares stories of the struggles and
glories of life mixed together with the gentle, tranquil resonances of acoustic
guitars, ukuleles and sporadic snares. She blends perfectly with other artists on
Brushfire Records’ roster, and it can only get better from here for this
emerging web sensation as she grasps the realities of becoming a professional
artist and continues to charm her listeners.


Standout Tracks: “Poppy,” “Kantoi, Honey Bee” MATTHEW RECCHIA


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