Yukon Blonde – Tiger Talk

January 01, 1970

(Dine Alone)




This Canadian
quartet, who no one here seems to know but they are probably huge in their
native country, has done it again. After releasing a terrific self-titled
recording 2010 they came back strong with the Fire/Water EP from last year which hinted at big things to come.
Here is full-length number two and they continue to impress.  Apparently frontman Jeffrey Innes was in a
Buzzcockinan mood for this record as the band seems to have sliced off any fat
that the previous records had (very little) and charged full steam ahead.


Opening cut “My
Girl” busts right out of the gate with a driving rhythm section, jangly guitars
and Innes’ soaring vocals while next up is the chunkier, but no less catchy,
“Radio” which deserves to be a hit in some country. From there they just keep
up the pace, it doesn’t slow down (well, not much, anyway). “Stairway”,  “Sixdeadtigers” , “For LA”, and “Breathing
Tigers” all continue the fist-pumping party while moodier cuts like “Sweet Dee”
and “Oregon Shores” (both reminiscent of The Rosebuds) were pleasant and
everything, but I think this band’s strength lies in its ability to lay out
melodic, mid-tempo song with hooks to die for.


This band seems
poised for some kind of breakthrough and Tiger
seems as a good a place as any for this to happen.


DOWNLOAD: “My Girl”, “Radio”, “Breathing Tigers”,
“Sweet Dee” TIM HINELY



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