Album: Crocodile

Artist: Young Rebel Set

Label: New West

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Young Rebel Set


The five lads that make up Young Rebel Set may hail from North East England, but they certainly have been studying up Americana and U.S. rock. Crocodile, the band’s sophomore effort, is steeped in everything from Jersey darlings like Springsteen and Gaslight Anthem to folk rockers like The Old 97s. The result is remarkably solid.

One of the charms of the album, a strong step forward from the group’s debut, is the variation of influences from one track to the next; “The Lash & The Whip,” lyrically and musically gives a nod to a band like The Pogues, while “Tuned Transmission” and “The Girl From the 51” are more akin to some of the Devils and Dust-era Springsteen folk tunes. The evolution from one song to the next, vacillating between raucous and mellow while putting their own stamp to the tunes, helps Crocodile stand above the fray.

The beauty of music being able to cross geographical boundaries is that a British group like Young Rebel Set is able to play Americana better than many born and raised in this country.

DOWNLOAD: “Turned Transmission,” “The Lash of the Whip,” and “Show Your Fathers & Run”


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