Young Guv – 3/3/20, Denver

Dates: March 3, 2020

Location: Lost Lake Lounge, Denver CO

By Tim Hinely

You know the story by now, when Ben Cook (aka thee young guv) isn’t making music with his main concern, as guitarist in Canadian punk band Fucked Up, he’s locking himself away in his bedroom and creating golden pop nuggets under the name of Young Guv. If you dig the sparkling sounds of bands like Teenage Fanclub, Velvet Crush and Big Star then this will be in your wheelhouse.

With Fucked up on hiatus Cook and his pals decided to take their sideshow onto  the highways and biways and wow fans in each and every city in the United States.

…and wow ‘em they did.

The 30 or so people in attendance at the Lost Lake Lounge were treated to a very short set (maybe 25-30 minute), but the band might as well have been playing the Pepsi Center  they way they exploded on stage.

Cook, in a trench coat and sunglasses (for some reason reminding me of Michael J Fox) led the charge and nailed a handful of songs most off last year’s I and II.

I know for sure from said record we heard “Roll With Me” and “High on my Mind” and a song I think he announced as “Ready for Love” (though maybe he said “Luv Always”).

The band rocked most prodigiously and if I’d only seen the guitarist on the left I might have thought I was seeing Sloan (same glasses as one of the Sloan guys) and it was fill-in bassist, Jacob, first gig and I’d say he did an exceptional job.

How did it all end? With Cook walking off stage and grabbing a whole chicken that was in a plastic container (the kind you see under hot lamps in supermarkets) and threw it out into the crowd and called it a night.

This band knows how to put on a show! Come back soon, please.

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