Young Fresh Fellows – I Think This Is

January 01, 1970

Yep Roc)


The highest compliment to be paid Young Fresh Fellows –
whose first album came out in 1983 – is that the band’s name has not become
ironic with age. Like Sonic Youth, if in a different way, YFF show that staying
impassionedly true to a particular rock ‘n’ roll vision keeps a musician spry,
lively and, well, fresh. It helps, of course, to have Robyn Hitchcock


But there’s also another singular talent at the helm – Scott
McCaughey, YFF’s singer-guitarist, matches his love of frenetically bopping and
fuzzy, yet tuneful and tight, power-pop a
Flamin’ Groovies and Ramones with trenchantly observant, precisely
focused songwriting. “Go Blue Angels Go” watches the daredevil pilots fly over
a hot dog stand; “After Suicide” is, in its light-hearted way, an inspiringly
optimistic call to life. McCaughey is inexhaustibly talented – another of his
projects, the Minus 5, also has a new album out. But nothing he does is a


Standout Tracks: “Never Turning Back Again,” “If You Believe in Cleveland” STEVEN ROSEN



[Ed. note: watch BLURT
next week for an exclusive, in-depth and free-wheeling interview with Scott


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