YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS – Extintores y Txipirones

Album: Extintores y Txipirones

Artist: Young Fresh Fellows

Label: Book

Release Date: October 21, 2016


The Upshot: The fellas cash in their work visas for studio time, and whattaya know, they kick out da jamz on a must-own rarities compilation.


 ¡Mierda santa! A collection of outtakes, rarities, and live cuts assembled to accompany the Young Fresh Fellows on their recent October tour of Spain (including a celebrated appearance at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival), Extintores y Txipirones was an instant critical hit, generating comments like this:

“Al frente Scott McCaughey, Jim Sangster, Kurt Bloch y Tad Hutchinson se subieron al escenario del Loco Club puntuales para ofrecer un concierto extraordinario, simpático y con el cual nos lo pasamos en grande con ellos presentando en nuestro país en esta gira un disco recopilatorio, con temas inéditos y demás titulado Extintores y Txipirones”, nombre que título a su gira y disco que solamente se podrá comprar en cada uno de sus conciertos.”

And this:

“Junto al ilustre y dicharachero Scott estarán Kurt Bloch (guitarra), Jim Sangster (bajo) y Tad Hutchison (batería). Como plato fuerte presentarán un nuevo disco que solamente se podrá adquirir durante los conciertos de la gira, con el curioso, llamativo y ocurrente título de “Extintores y Txipirones”, compuesto por rarezas de la banda.”

And even this:

“Celebrando sus 35 años en la carretera bajan al Sótano los Young Fresh Fellows. Desde Seattle llegan Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, Jim Sangster y Theodore Hutchison. El nombre de su banda es sinónimo de resistencia de esa llama del rocknroll que se mantiene ajeno a las modas. Charlamos con ellos sobre música, txipirones y extintores, y nos regalan.”

I couldn’t have said it better! The bakers-dozen tracks here handily showcase the YFF aesthetic, from gnarly covers (a remarkably fired-up take of the Modern Lovers’ “Someone I Care About” that totally demolishes the original; the Sonics’ eternal “Have Love Will Travel”) to riotous originals (the neo-hardcore-cum-garage of “My Boyfriend’s in Killdozer,” originally part of a 1989 split single with Scruffy the Cat; a hilarious faux-metal number called “Motor Broke” that was one of five 45s in an ultra-limited edition singles box from ’91 titled Hits From the Breakup Album—the Jonathan Richman tune was also part of that box) and everything in between.

When the Fellows get revved up and rawkin’, there’s no holding them back—just check the wiggy “Lay You in the Ground” in all its hirsute, malevolent anti-glory. And 9 out of 10 pastors agree, prolonged exposure to the band’s music will have most citizens speaking in tongues. I should know; I started babbling Spanish after just 2 ½ spins of the CD.  ¡Mi madre el diablo!

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