You Dirty Rats – You Dirty Rats EP

January 01, 1970



Tarheel rockers You Dirty Rats – Templeton, Remy and Jeffe
Rat on guitar, guitar and bass, respectively, plus Senor Cats on drums – hail
from the western portion of N.C. but they crank out an edgy, brand of noirish blooze-punk considerably removed from the region’s prevailing Americana twang and


Together for about a year and a half, they’ve gradually been
amassing a reputation for dynamic performances and, on the basis of their
self-titled 5-song debut, equally memorable songs. Right from the get-go, with
seething opening track “Until I Get It Right,” the band peers into the abyss
both sonically and psychologically, arpeggiated riffs punctuating Templeton
Rat’s darkly snarled vocals. Another highlight is “Like I Wore You,” with its
marriage of vintage Gun Club cowpunk and Television angularity plus veiled yet sexually
charged lyricism, while “Hey Hey” evinces a Clash-like muscularity and
anthemism sorely lacking from the contemporary music scene.


This EP actually came out a number of months ago, but in the
interim, thanks to the magic of digital streams I’d already become intimately
familiar with the five songs contained therein. They are all currently available
for your listening pleasure at the band’s official website and I suggest you
run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer kiosk and fire ‘em up. With that in
mind, then, it’s high time Templeton Rat & Co. get crackin’ with some fresh
tuneage. They’re one of N.C.’s most exciting new bands, period.


I Get It Right,” “Hey Hey” FRED MILLS



You Dirty Rats’ next
show will be July 29, with Drunken Prayer, at the Pulp club (under the Orange
Peel) in Asheville.

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