Yim Yames – Tribute To

January 01, 1970





When any band grows, there’s a group of old fans who feel
left behind and pine for the good ol’ days. So it is with My Morning Jacket,
which has a small but vocal batch of loyalists that wish Jim James & Co.
would get over their funk and soul obsession and go back to making
reverb-drenched folk-rock. For those fans, this six-song tribute to George
Harrison will be a godsend.


The EP, which was recorded a few days after Harrison passed away in 2001, finds James alone with an
acoustic guitar singing Harrison-penned songs he clearly feels very deeply. The
album is both an intimate look back at the up-and-coming folkie James once was,
as well as a reminder that at one time many of our best artists were nothing
more than fans themselves. But at an even more basic level it’s simply a guy
with a great voice singing some amazing songs.


Standout Tracks: “Behind That Locked Door,” “Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)” HAL





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