Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land

January 01, 1970



The guys in Yellow Ostrich can write a great Indie pop song.
If you need proof just listen to a handful of tracks off of the first half of Strange Land. 
Songs like the delightfully goofy “Elephant King” or “Stay At Home,” a
song so fun and peppy it’s almost a foregone conclusion that Apple’s ad firm
will snatch this one up for the next iPhone launch. The fact that the band can
clearly put down a great track, just makes the rest of Strange Land
that much more frustrating.


The group vacillates between fantastic melodies and the
occasional big power chords and maudlin Indie whine rock (you can almost hear Alex
Schaaf singing himself to sleep on “I Got No Time For You”).  For every solid track there’s a weaker one
right around the corner to prove it just might have been a fluke.


I’m not quite sure what’s to blame for the schizophrenic
nature of Strange Land. Maybe it was the transition from a solo project to a group
effort, maybe it was their decision not to use an outside producer or maybe
signing to the formidable Indie label Barsuk meant the guys wanted to out hip
the hipster. Regardless, the listener’s is left with an uneven record that one
part brilliant pop, one part pretentious melancholy.


There are hints of a potentially great band on Strange Land, just not enough to sustain a full


DOWNLOAD: “Elephant
King,” “Stay Home” and “Daughter” JOHN B. MOORE


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