Wymond Miles – Under the Pale Moon

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)




As the tragedy at the Century 16 cinema in Aurora, Colorado
soberly reminded us, the loss of a loved one is perhaps the most cataclysmic
shock to the human system known to man. And the thought of losing a slew of
people in succession only compounds the hurt in ways very few folks could


Wymond Miles, guitarist for the San Francisco psych-pop outfit The Fresh
& Onlys, experienced the trauma of having lost his closest friend and
several family members in an unhealthily short amount of time. But immediately
upon hearing this sequence of sorrowful reports, he had an obligation to
fulfill a two-month European tour with his full-time band and shoved off
without any time to properly grieve. It was during this time across the ocean
in the Winter of 2012, however, that Miles sought catharsis in between gigs by
quickly writing and recording short, concise songs about the fragility of life,
the permanence of death and the infinite scale by which the spirits of one’s
past carry on in our hearts. By the time they returned to the States, the
guitar player had a 10-song LP ready to package and press for Sacred Bones
Records, just a mere months after the stalwart Brooklyn label unveiled his
debut solo EP Earth Has Doors.


Unlike its meandering, esoteric predecessor, the gorgeous Under the Pale Moon is an affair more
focused in thought and sincere in song, as Miles digs deep into his loves for Avalon-era Roxy Music, post-Swell Maps
Nikki Sudden and Iggy Pop’s two-year whirlwind bromance with David Bowie in the
mid-70s to deliver an oeuvre of nouveau romanticism that stands in stark
contrast to the garage-born bash and pop of The Fresh & Onlys in just about
every way, shape and form, evidenced in the shimmer of “Pale Moon”,
the Julian Cope copping “The Thirst” and the Nick Cave-gone-cold wave
highlight “Lazarus Rising”. It is there Miles sings the line,
“the dead stay dead but through our lives live on,” which lingers in
the listener’s ear long after the last note is strummed and sums up the triumph
the guitar player has succeeded in with coming to grips with the pain of his


The Fresh & Onlys may currently be gearing up for the promotion of their new album Long Slow
(released last week on Mexican Summer). But it is certainly
going to be quite a challenge to best the raw-boned beauty of their guitarist’s
beautifully mindful Moon dance.


DOWNLOAD: “Pale Moon”, “The Thirst”, “Lazarus Rising” RON HART



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