Wymond Miles – Earth Has Doors

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)




In a break from sunny,
tambourine-shaking psychedelia of his main band, The Fresh & Onlys, guitar
player Wymond Miles plumbs deeper, existential questions on this four-song EP. Opening
salvo, “Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them,” is a sweeping, psychotropic
anthem, anchored in gently strummed folk, but blown out into grandeur in
billowing tones of electric guitar, synthesizer and strings. Miles’ voice
drifts here through clouds and atmospheres of sound, a half-hidden thread
itself in this ode to the not-easily-seen. Later, “Temples of Magick” warps a
multi-toned cadence of junkyard percussion into a tilted, shuffling march, the
drum-beat’s stiff and martial air contradicted by Miles’ fluttery, diffident


These tracks uncover beauty
amidst the real world’s frictions, but with “As the Orchard Is With Rain” Miles
eschews harshness  altogether, in a
purely lovely medley of guitar and viola. The final track, a sort of summary,
finds mystery in shimmering drones but sprightly movement in a syncopated
pattern of drums. Miles’ voice is wreathed in echoes, another unearthly element
in a set of tunes that seem to hover weightlessly, half a foot or so above the
ground. Here in “Earth Has Doors, Let Them Open,” thick, tremulous figures in
organ, shivering climaxes of cymbal roll suggest alternate ways of perceiving
the world.   Yet though grounded in
esoterica, none of these songs seem remote or out of reach. Wymond Miles has
opened a door, indeed, and anyone can walk right through.


DOWNLOAD: “Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them” JENNIFER KELLY

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