World Atlas – World Atlas EP

January 01, 1970



say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so that being said, Belle &
Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch must be quite flattered upon first hearing this
relatively new Brooklyn band.  To say
that this band has taken the best elements of Glasgow’s finest is quite an understatement.
The songs are all written by leader Brian Groux (whose vocals sound so much
like Murdoch’s it is uncanny) but the players total nine on the record (which
includes Saturday Looks Good to Me’s Fred Thomas) and though derivative, the
songwriting is quite strong.


song “Saint Mary” unfolds from a simple beginning into a wash of jangly
guitars, keyboards, strings and Groux’s gentle vocals while “Girl on a Boy’s
Bike” follows the same pattern with slightly less of a payoff. The following
two songs are the best of the five on here. The former, “The Winter Stories”,
has a similar piano line to “Seeing Other People” then afterwards Groux’s
vocals arch into a stunning climax while “All in Her Mind” is an ork-pop
lover’s dream with soaring trumpet throughout most of it. The only real let down
is the final song, “XOXO,” which, lined up against the rest of the songs seems
more like a fun throwaway. World Atlas doesn’t get many points for originality
but for fans of the genre this promising new band seems headed for much bigger


Standout Tracks: “Saint Mary”, “The Winter Stories”, “All in Her


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