Working for a Nuclear Free City – The Jojo Burger Tempest

January 01, 1970




It takes a mighty special band to make the fusion of
progressive rock and modern dance work well together. And not since The Beta
Band hit its early peak with The Three
has there been a group more adept at harvesting together the two
disparate sounds than The UK’s Working For A Nuclear Free City. The fact that The Jojo Burger Tempest was conspired
over the course of 18 months in both a warehouse in Northern England and a
cottage in rural France
is quite fitting considering where these guys are coming from on this epic
two-disc album.


It’s a place where the organic and the synthetic blend
together as fluidly as a bottle of Castrol, creating a 19-track set where
propulsive odd-metered rock action straight from the Rush playbook like opening
track “Do A Stunt” gels into laptop skitters from the heart of mid-period
Squarepusher, as heard on “The King and June”.  Highlighting the Tempest, however, is the title cut, a 33-minute sound collage
inherently inspired by old Invisibl Skratch Piklz mixtapes but somehow winds up
somewhere in the middle of Ummagumma.


Stunt”, “Black Rivers”, “The King and June”, “The Jojo Burger
Tempest” RON HART



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