WOOLLY BUSHMEN – Arduino (LP – orange vinyl)

Album: Arduino

Artist: Woolly Bushmen

Label: Pig Baby

Release Date: October 06, 2017


The Upshot: Guaranteed to make you put down your battered copy of Nuggets and get the house party started anew.


Thump. Thump again. Twang. Thump some more. Twang again. Yeah baby.

The Woolly Bushmen kick things off by kicking out the jams, “Something New” being a primordial rawk stew of troglodyte drums, surf guitars, and snarled/sneered/shouted vox; think an unholy offspring of “Wipe Out,” “All Right Now,” and “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” And we’re off: “Hangin’ Blue,” which sounds like Roky fronting Southern Culture On The Skids (hold that thought—six of the 11 songs here were produced by SCOTS’ Rick Miller at his Kudzu Ranch studio); “Don’t Let Him In,” with its fuzzed out axes and psych organ, is a contemporary out-nuggetsization of the Nuggets aesthetic much like the Cynics were updating same three decades ago; and “If It’s All Right With You” brings a kind of Fifties vibe to a Velvets-like choogle arrangement, along with some subtle R&B inflections.

Clearly this trio—comprising Cleveland’s Simon and Julian Palombi and West Virginia’s Jacob Miller—has been soaking in more than just a hot tub down at the RV park. (What’s that title Arduino all about? You’ll have to ask them, as our web search only unearths a company by that name: “Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.” That said, Miller and the Palombis have a rep as quite the in-your-face live outfit—I’d call that “interactive.”) Arduino comes on the heels of 2012’s self-titled LP and 2015’s Sky Bosses and it is indeed the best batch yet, Pressed up on shockingly orange translucent wax (180-gm at that) and including a digital download card, it is an instant house party starter. Plan on purchasing supplemental homeowners or renters insurance should these guys turn up on your doorstep.

DOWNLOAD: “Something New,” “Don’t Let Him In,” “If It’s All Right With You”

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