Woggles/Ugly Beats/Soulphonics 9/25/15, Austin

Dates: September 25, 2015

Location: Continental Club, Austin TX

8. The Woggles 9_25_15

The Upshot: Back to the garage, but no tuneup necessary because this machine is in high gear.


September 25 in Austin, and a whole lotta shakin’ going on at The Continental Club. Starting with rawk/folk maximum jangling of The Soulphonics….

1. Soulphonics 9_25_15

3. Soulphonics 9_25_15

2. Soulphonics 9_25_15

…followed by local Get Hip Recordings ‘60s garage/surf/powerpop/nuggets and everything related legends The Ugly Beats…

4. The Ugly Beats 9_25_15

5. The Ugly Beats 9_25_15

…then rounded off with The Professor, The Flesh Hammer, Buzz Hågstrom, and Den Elextro:  aka THE all time greatest rock ’n’ roll dance party shakin’ most fun you’ll ever have at a live show vets The Woggles (also pictured at the top)!

6. The Woggles 9_25_15

7. The Woggles 9_25_15

9. The Wogggles 9_25_15

Below: Steve Wynn (and Linda Pitmon, not pictured) drops in just in time to catch The Ugly Beats

10. Steve Wynn drops in

2 thoughts on “Woggles/Ugly Beats/Soulphonics 9/25/15, Austin

  1. Peppermotte

    Superb efforts by wonderfully musical “The Ugly Beats” makes you fall in love all over again and “The Woggles” simply tore the place up inside and out, staying true to form and outperforming anywhere on the planet.

  2. Fred Mills Post author

    The Woggles played the Blurt day party at SXSW a couple of years ago and absolutely SLAYED. People were literally dancing on the rooftop behind the Ginger Man patio during their set.

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