Witch – We Intend to Cause Havoc!

January 01, 1970





of Africa’s new musical directions in the 1970s saw gratuitous elements of jazz,
funk and soul infused into the indigenous rhythms of such regions as Nigeria,
Kenya and Ethiopia. But the landlocked nation of Zambia, who had just elected
its first president, Kenneth Kaunda of the National Independence Party and saw
him decimate the country’s economy by nationalizing its copper and mineral
trade, experienced an influx of heavy rock guitar mirroring the people’s collective
frustration over the new ruling class absorb into the flavor of its local music


sound, known as “Zamrock”, fancied incorporating the beefy
psychedelic riffs of Wayne Kramer and Jimi Hendrix into the chicken scratch
grooves of the 70s African funk movement, offering a unique spin on garage rock
not only for the country of Zambia but the entire Dark Continent itself. Now
the band who undoubtedly led this new direction is WITCH, whose complete
discography is presented in this beautifully compiled four-disc box set from
Stones Throw subsidiary Now-Again Records, complete with a booklet of extensive
liner notes and an exclusive interview with founding member Emmanuel
“Jagari” Chanda that gives a keen insight into the relatively unknown
history of this fascinating band.


though the highlight of this informative collection remains their acclaimed
third album and bona fide Afro-acid masterpiece, Lazy Bones!!, the entirety of this catalog – further enhanced by
such notable works as Introduction and
Lukombo Vibes – is well worth your
time and attention if you wish to look deeper into how this landlocked nation
of Zambia sought salvation through the missionaries of rock ‘n’ roll.


DOWNLOAD: “Hometown”,
“Motherless Child”, “Devil’s Flight” RON HART




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