Wiretree – Makeup

January 01, 1970





Up ‘til now, Austin’s
guitar pop gem Wiretree was essentially a solo act, with Kevin Peroni acting
out his Jason Falkner fantasies mostly alone. The third Wiretree LP is a
different matter, as Peroni is
joined by his stage band and Leatherbag’s Randy
Reynolds in the producer’s chair.


In its songs, Makeup holds to the same high standards as previous Wiretree records – Peroni is a pop
stylist of major note, who likely throws away more instantly appealing melodies
than most songwriters create in a year. But the addition of a band gives his
tunes a jolt of rock ‘n’ roll energy that lifts them up to the next level. And
it’s as simple as that, really – energy + tunes = a ridiculously strong
collection of tracks that can stand proudly alongside the work of better-known
auteurs like Falkner, Lee Mavers and Tommy Keene. It’s damn near impossible to
pick favorites – is it the ultracatchy jumper “Broken Foot?” Or the stuttering
singalong “The Shore?” Is it the rollicking power popper “Tinyhearts?” Or is it
the dynamic “MTH,” which starts moody and goes out rocking? Maybe it’s the
pedal steel-laced “Josephine,” an excursion into country rock balladry that
indicates a new path for the Britpop-loving Peroni to explore.


Best not to hurt oneself thinking about it (unless you’re a
rock critic and have no choice) and just spin the whole thing over and over and
over again.


DOWNLOAD: “Tinyhearts,”

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