Wire – 3/7/20, Atlanta

Dates: March 7, 2020

Location: Variety Playhouse, Atlanta GA

Text & Photos by John Boydston

Time keeps on moving into the future because, like, where else would it go?  That’s kind of been the philosophy of UK band Wire – to keep moving forward and avoid the ruts.  And the fans keep on moving right with ‘em.

Wire played an amazing show at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse in early March.   They kept the songs short, and the chatter to a bare minimum so I will do the same.  Suffice it to say the packed house was happy with the show – as happy as one gets hearing post-punk punk and anti-pop pop from their favorite veteran UK indie rock legends.

Touring with all but one original member – you can probably guess the new guy from the photos.  Wire is Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey, and Matthew Simms.  I personally don’t go way back with this band as a fan – but the show was a knockout and I hope to go way forward with them into the future.  Formed in 1976, Wire is touring behind a brand-new LP called Mind Hive, hailed by some as a high-point in the bands career.  Released on the band’s own Pink Flag label.

Check out ongoing tour dates and all things Wire here:  http://www.pinkflag.com/news.php

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