Album: Echolalia

Artist: Winterpills

Label: Signature Sounds

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Winterpills 10-23


Dreamy desire and low-cast musings find an effortless blend in this set of unlikely covers, both revered and obscure. Lennon/McCartney, Nick Drake, Matthew Sweet, Beck, and Buddy Holly are but a few of the better known names represented herein, but the fact that the choices are also daring enough to include XTC, Mark Mulcahy, Lisa Germano, Jules Shear and others of that ilk really speaks to Winterpills’ good taste and diversity.

Likewise, it’s the band’s ability to emulate rather than simply imitate that makes Echolalia the true gem that it is. Winterpills‘ alluring approach transforms each selection into their own, and even in the case of the better known offerings — Drake’s “Time of No Reply,” Buddy Holly’s “Learning the Game,” the Fabs’ “Cry Baby Cry” — the richness and depth imbued in each is almost enough to make the listener forget about the original. Indeed, this is an album chock full of atmosphere and ambiance, a credit to the musicians themselves and not merely to their choice of material.

Indeed, while some groups of the shoe-gaze variety rely simply on hushed harmonies and ethereal tones to narrow their niche, Winterpills achieves a keen sense of dynamics, allowing each tune to build, billow and create a powerful cadence. Consequently, it’s quite clear Winterpills has the knowhow to transcend their sources and create a powerful pastiche of their own. Hopefully then, there will be another set of standards to follow, and if Echolalia is any indication, it will certainly be worth waiting for.

 DOWNLOAD: “Time of No Reply,” “Cry Baby Cry,” “Learning the Game”

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