Winter Gloves – About A Girl

January 01, 1970

(Paper Bag)



A thread of Maroon
5’s upbeat swagger patched with Bloc Party’s melancholy and you’ve knitted
yourself Winter Gloves. Ok, corny metaphor aside, the Montreal quartet has crafted keyboard driven
dance pop for their debut About A Girl. However, after a few listens the songs
begin to sound homogenized; the musical equation applied does not shift
drastically from song to song. Now, this is not to say that About A Girl will bore. It does contain
tracks that will entertain the ears and will surely get you moving… at times it
is to the beat of the same drum. 



The standout tracks below, along with “Party People,” “I Can’t Tell
You,” and “Factories,” are catchy and seeing the band perform these songs live
is indeed a treat. About A Girl offers a positive peek into what Winter
Gloves can produce. Hopefully the followup album will be more eclectic.



“Let Me Drive,”
“Glass Paperweight” APRIL S. ENGRAM



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