Winfred E. Eye – Til I Prune

January 01, 1970

(Antenna Farm)


Winfred E. Eye has been at it for a decade now and in
musical terms that’s a long time.  In
large part, the group’s longevity likely has much to do with the creative force
of duo Mikel Garmendia and Aaron Calvert, who have piloted the Eye-ship with
ever-evolving crewmembers unfurling the various musical sails.


What Winfred does is a less self-consciously weird Tom
Waits, a mellow vibe more akin to an Americana-soaked Heart of Saturday Night than Swordfishtrombones.  It’s a good sound: moody and yet holding a
clear sense of melody.  On their latest, Til I Prune, Winfred E. Eye has
distilled that sound into a gem of rare and wonderful clarity.  On the album’s strongest tunes, such as the
heartbreaking “Sleeping,” the band displays a clear sense of restraint that
drives the melody forward with subtlety and grace.  Well, done, gentlemen.


Standout Tracks:
“Sleeping,” “Sweet Poison” CHRISTIAN


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