WILLIE SUGARCAPPS – Willie Sugarcapps

Album: Willie Sugarcapps

Artist: Willie Sugacaps

Label: Royal Potato Family

Release Date: August 20, 2013

Willie Sugarcapps



 Critics may tout Willie Sugarcapps as a supergroup of sorts, but hype and resumes aside, they’ll likely also get singled out as one of this year’s most promising ensembles. An amalgamation that draws on the talents of various accomplished individuals (Will Kimbrough, Bryson Capps and Corky Hughes) – and at least one veteran duo (Sugarcane Jane) – the band melds its respective resources effortlessly, their results manifest in a series of homespun tunes that cast a wide gaze over the heartland. The entreating title track, a bluegrass ballad, sets the tone for all that follows, while the weathered tale of one “Mr. Lee,” the down home designs of the gritty “Mud Bottom” and the zydeco flavor of an upbeat “Poison” stir up the sentiment and ensure the interest.

 As a result, Willie Sugarcapps’ unpretentious airs affirm a feeling of back porch familiarity that all but guarantees instant appeal. While the individual members will likely continue a pursuit of their individual trajectories, Willie Sugarcapps shows enough promise to make a return appearance seem like a certainty.

 DOWNLOAD: “Mr. Lee,” “Mud Bottom,” “Poison”

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