Will Sexton – Move the Balance

January 01, 1970




Bearing a similar pedigree to his older brother Charlie,
Will Sexton boasts a resume that’s also tied to Austin’s prodigious musical environs. If his
profile is cast somewhat lower, well, chalk it up to the fact that Will’s solo
turns appear less frequently and his collaborators don’t quite match the
marquee value of Charlie’s major employer, who happens to be Bob Dylan.


Regardless, Will’s a potent player in his own right, a fact
this newly-issued Move the Balance effectively affirms; it was originally released in 2010, but as Sexton was
recovering from a stroke at the time and was unable to do any promotion, it
essentially got overlooked. To be sure, the album doesn’t begin with typical Americana swagger.
Instead of steel guitar and fiddle, it offers instead the elegiac piano of the
title track, a song both sumptuous
and soaring. “Certain Kind of Something” taps into a pointed pop motif that
provides hum-along potential right from the get-go. Yet, the rootsy regimen
never slips far from the surface either — as in the deep-throated, swampy sway
of “Best Intentions,” the frayed Tom Petty-like ramble of “Sunday Driver” and
the irresistibly infectious “Little Late For Loving Me.”


Ultimately, the fact
that Sexton can also include cushioned keyboards in a sumptuous
ballad like “Amnesia Lights” or take a song such as “Happy Hour” from gentle
repose into a ragtime refrain speaks volumes. And what it also shows is that
Sexton’s still got the savvy to still become a mainstream star.


DOWNLOAD: “Certain Kind Of Something,” “Little Late for Loving Me Now,” “Move the

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