Will Kimbrough – Wings

January 01, 1970

(Daphne Records)



Known mainly as being one of Nashville’s favorite guitar slingers and
musical co-conspirators, Will Kimbrough’s long since proved he can hold his
own, both solo and more recently, partnered with Tommy Womack in their ad hoc
combo Daddy.  Wings furthers that
notion, and while he’s coupled with some notable songwriters (Jimmy Buffett,
Todd Snider, Jeff Finlan, etc.), Kimbrough deserves credit for overseeing one
of the best sets of songs in recent memory. 


Displaying his full range of instrumental dexterity –
practically a one man band, he plays guitars, mandolin, banjo, piano, organ,
synth, harmonica and percussion – he turns in some sterling performances,
evoking humbling sentiments and heartfelt emotion. At least half the album
seems likely to yield enduring standards – the soothing and affirmative
“Wings,” a heartening, uplifting “Three Angels” and the lovely homespun “A
Couple Hundred Miracles” being among them – and early proof falls on the fact
that most readily resonate after only a single encounter.  The brassy, soulful “Open To Love” dispels
any notion Kimbrough’s talents are limited to the Americana reserve, while “It
Ain’t Cool,” with its sinewy allure, suggests that he could easily pinch hit
for J.J. Cale.  Yet clearly, he’s already
setting the standards that others ought to be guided by.

Standout Tracks: “Three Angels,” “Wings,” “Open TO Love” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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