WILD CHILD – The Runaround

Album: The Runaround

Artist: Wild Child

Label: The Noise Company

Release Date: October 15, 2013

Wild Child 10-18



The recent spate of loosely structured, homespun combos – Mumford and Sons and the Lumineers mainly come to mind – has spawned a whole host of similarly situated, exceedingly casual combos of late. So consider the aptly named Wild Child one of the best of the breed. Founded by singers Kelsey Wilson and Alexandra Beggins in 2009, the boy-girl group took flight with 2010’s Pillow Talk, at which time they added other like-minded players to their line-up.

The Run Around, their sophomore set, purveys the same giddy sensibility they showed the first time around, thanks to carefree sing-alongs like “Stitches” and “Anna Maria,” and the sprightly sounds that pervade such songs as “The Runaround” and “Crazy Bird.” Ukuleles and fiddle provide the singular strum, but there are plenty of fanciful additives as well, including the whistled refrain of “Crazy Bird,” the “hey heys” of “Living Tree” and the hand-clapped accompaniment to “Coming Home” and Left Behind.” The entire effort is so carefree in fact, that it’s simply impossible not to get swept up by their cheery tones. And while it’s purposely lightweight, it also serves as an excellent reminder that fun and frivolity can offer an excellent inducement all their own.

DOWNLOAD: “The Runaround,” “Crazy Bird,” “Coming Home”




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