White Wires – WWWIII

January 01, 1970





We can forgive
you not having ever heard of The White Wires. After all, they hail from the
great white north (that’s Canada,
kids…specifically Ottawa) but they’ve been given
a kind home here in America
on the Dirtnap label complete with plenty of food and friends. They’re in good


On their third
release entitled, yup, WWIII (duh)
they still ape The Ramones to a certain extent but this isn’t 1-2-3-4 ,
by-the-number punk rock , they slow it down, if just a bit , and they toss in
chunky riffs and plenty of handclaps too (and even if I’m not hearing
handclaps  on the record, I’m adding my
own). “On My Own,” “Everywhere You Were,” “I’ll Give You Everything” and “I’ll
Remember You” are all mid-tempo rockers that bear repeated hearing as do a few
others. Honestly, though, I was kind of hoping for more hooks, but sometimes
forget that every record can’t be Singles
Going Steady


When the White
Wires release a greatest hit collection that might be just what I’m looking for,
but in the meantime, WWIII will do.


DOWNLOAD: “On My Own,” “Everywhere You
Were,”  “I’ll Give You Everything,”  “I’ll Remember You” TIM HINELY



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