White Noise Sound – White Noise Sound

January 01, 1970





Raise your hand if you’ve been craving some
industrially-tinged four-four clamor marrying Wire, NIN, and Suicide. Those
whose hands shot up are in luck, at least with the track kicking-off this
full-length debut. “Sunset” is four minutes and 20 seconds of deterministic
head-banging fodder. To be more specific: Squeals of short feedback as
punctuation; offhand, slightly shaky vocals, and aggressive percussion/guitars
that could fire the edgiest catwalk slither-struts.


But this is more than just an industrial-grey hard rock
orgy: It’s a trip. WNS knows it’s got it goin’ on – most musicians this new to
the scene would be reluctant to quench the opening track’s fire with the
relatively hesitant, frostier breaths comprising the first half-or-so of “It Is
There for You,” which sounds like Lou Reed dreaming a song for Andy Warhol –
that is, before those breaths swell into something rocking and majestic. WNS (with mixers Cian Ciaran of Super Furry Animals and Pete
Kember of Spacemen 3) has a firm grip on the mechanics of blending electronics
and digital tones with rock. 


WNS (the album/the band) is, to these ears that have heard
so many, many things, 75% absorbing. “Fires in the Still Sea” seems to have
emerged from an island of ghosts in a northern lake originally flooded with ’70-s’80s
era Ambi-gressive fluids. Getting a bit bored with the tastefully-appointed
“There Is No Tomorrow,” I remember to be careful what I wish for when the horror
show dynamics of boot-buster “Blood” describe the apocalypse before the end.


The trippy measures of “Don’t Wait for Me” fit the
“psychedelic” description sometimes applied to WNS. With more of the same, finale
“In Both Dreams and Ecstasies” combines trance-inducing beats and tones with
bizarre sound effects and little sonic explosions.


DOWNLOAD: “Sunset,” “It Is There for You,” ” In Both Dreams and Ecstasies” MARY LEARY


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