White Denim – Exposion

January 01, 1970





When White Denim burst on to the scene last year with a high
energy live show and an EP full of wild guitars, many people thought they were
witnessing the second coming of The Stooges. The band’s first full-length, Exposion, finds them toning down some of
their wild ways, but becoming a more interesting and complex band in the
process.  The guitars on opening track
“Don’t Look That Way At It” sound more like Adrian Belew-era King Crimson than
Iggy Pop and “Migration Wind” is the kind of jazzy instrumental the Minutemen
might have recorded.


But don’t think for a minute that White Denim have hung up
their rock and roll shoes – “IEIEI,” for example, is a full-on blast of acid
rock. Exposion is the sound of a band
forging new paths without forgetting where they came from. Like a classic TV
cliffhanger, it’s an enjoyable ride that also leaves you hungry to see what
happens next.




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