THE WHIGS – Modern Creation

Album: Modern Creation

Artist: Whigs

Label: New West

Release Date: April 22, 2014



The Nashville, by way of Athens, rockers have turned up the amps a bit and added a few affect pedals on Modern Creation, their fifth album. A little less pop-focused than their last effort, but catchy none the less, the record is 10 tracks of fuzzy guitars, driving drums and clear and focused vocals.

There’s a strong shaggy-haired stoner vibe on songs like “The Particular” and “I Couldn’t Lie,” but it’s the straight-up rockers, like “Hit Me” that have the biggest impact here. The mechanics to that song are pretty simple, but it’s the delivery, complete with the lead vocals and chorus stepping on each other, that make the song so addictive. The album closer, “The Difference Between One and Two,” falls in the same category, uncluttered and simply a great song to nod along to.

Modern Creation may not their best collections of songs – that honor is still held by 2012’s Enjoy the Company – but there’s still some damn fine tunes to be found here.

 DOWNLOAD: “Asking Strangers for Directions,” “Hit Me” and “The Difference Between One and Two”

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