Weepies – Be MyThrill

January 01, 1970







Never mind that they’re married and recently
had a baby; Deb Talan and Steve Tannen know all too well the logistics of
mixing their work and a relationship. Four albums on, they’ve established a
low-key, unhurried tableau that seems to reflect their cozy domesticity.
Contrary to whatever their name might imply, their understated approach isn’t
preoccupied with melancholy musings. Yes, it’s a lo-cast sound to be sure, but
it’s also infused with understated cool. The duo take turns on lead vocals and
find common ground in wistful reflection and a lilting, uplifting attitude
that’s relatively cheery, even within the bounds of those unadorned


To be sure, describing the duo as a giddy pair
may be overstating its effusiveness, but there’s no denying the uplifting
attitude that accompanies certain selections like “I Was Made for Sunny Days,”
“Add My Effort” and “How Do You Get High.” There’s even a hint of jauntiness
evident in these songs at times. That’s all part of the Weepies’ charm, the
ability to make subtlety seem sublime.


DOWNLOAD: “I Was Made for Sunny Days,” “Add My Effort,”
“How Do You Get High” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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