Weep – Alate

January 01, 1970





Doc Hammer was formerly one half of the frequently amazing
gothic folk rock duo Mors Syphilitica; now he’s probably best known as
co-creator of the Jonny Quest parody The Venture Brothers. His return to
music with Weep has showed a lot of promise on the quartet’s past disks; Alate goes a long way to fulfilling that


Though Hammer still obviously hearts 80s British guitar rock
(Echo & the Bunnymen, House of Love, Chameleons), for this record he adds
good old fashioned rock muscle, a la Love-era
Cult. So while the record luxuriates in epic psychedelia like “Cant Be True,”
“This Stolen Moon” and “Drift Towards Home,” it finds its inner arena rocker
with “They All Denied,” “Halved Heart” and “Lies Like Prayers.” If that sounds
like a calculated balance, it certainly doesn’t come off that way – Hammer
merely puts everything he likes into his songwriting machine and
unselfconsciously spits out widescreen winners. Melodic and powerful, Alate finds Weep coming into its own as boisterously
as possible.   



Like Prayers,” “Drift Towards Home,” “This Stolen Moon” MICHAEL TOLAND

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