Weekend – Sports

January 01, 1970







This San Francisco trio has
some nerve naming their band Weekend. After all, that was the post-Young Marble
Giants band that Alison Statton formed after YMG called it a day.  One list to Sports, however, and you’ll see that this trio does have some nerve
and if you’re not careful that nerve just might shatter your eardrums.



dentist’s drill guitar, pounding rhythms and the echo chamber vocals of Shaun
Durkan the band has a singular vision to drive its point home on each and every
one of these 10 songs and I’ll be damned if they don’t do just that. Imagine
Flying Saucer Attack on 45 RPM or Psychocandy-era
Jesus and Mary Chain weaned on recreational drugs found here in the good ol’ USA
and you’ll be in the ballpark. This relentless pursuit to send folks scurrying
for the ear plugs does wonders for the band and tunes like “Monday Morning”,
“Come Summer” and “Veil” will create a trance-like effect on your central
nervous system. The band sound like went into the studio, put their heads down
and went full steam ahead, not taking a single breath until it was all over.
The way it should be.



Sports might be the last record you want playing while engaged in
any kind of sport. Except maybe Jai Alai. Not sure, never played that before.



DOWNLOAD: “Monday Morning”, “Veil”  TIM HINELY



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