We Landed on the Moon – These Little Wars

January 01, 1970






Releasing their second album, We Landed on the Moon seem to
be finding their musical niche. With Melissa Eccles’s lead vocals, the group
has a throwback sound. Almost as if Blondie had ever sung indie rock songs;
then, she would have fit in perfectly with We Landed on the Moon. The Yeah Yeah
Yeahs and Feist also come to mind while listening to this sophomore effort.



These Little Wars begins with “Solitaire,” a fun piece of power pop with an odd title but great
dance beats. “The Night was Open” proves that meaningful lyrics also accompany
the bouncy tunes, and Eccles’s high register is a nice thing to focus on,
singing lines like “the night was full of stars – take what wasn’t ours.”
“Vietcong” also showed the deep side to poppy music, but clocking in as one of
the shortest tracks, this one didn’t mix the solemn subject with the beats as
seamlessly as others.



The poetic story of a pack rat finds a hauntingly harmonized
ending with “Washing for Weeks,” a great little song that Eccles has fun
singing and the rest of the group seems to enjoy performing. Every album needs
a token break-up song too, and this one has the clever title: “Re: Your Letter”
(which, for those of you currently living under a rock, spoofs the subject line
of e-mail responses).The group also twists the idea of a fairy tale in a modern
look at Cinderella with “Mirror, Mirror” (“running fast, leaving my shoes with
my hands reached out”).



A hint of Irish band the Cranberries also presents itself
throughout the album as We Landed on the Moon give eleven solid tracks of
immediate dance music with a deeper meaning underneath the guitar and



Standout Tracks: “The Night Was Open,” “Re: Your Letter,” “Mirror, Mirror” MANDY RODGERS


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