Watson Twins – Fire Songs

January 01, 1970

(Vanguard)  www.vanguardrecords.com



The Watson Twins hold up surprisingly well without their
famous co-star Jenny Lewis on this understated gem whose blend of soulful
soft-rock, folk and country should have very little trouble appealing to people
who picked up on Rabbit Fur Coat. On
the opener, “How Am I To Be,” the piano could pass for the Eels while the
melody places it closer to Brill Building pop — but with a grown-up dose of
heartache to the vocals that’s more Tapestry than, say, “The Loco-Motion.” Most tracks are straighter than that and even
more grown-up – singer-songwriter fare with deeply heartfelt vocals topping
alternative-country arrangements fueled by pedal steel, strings and acoustic
guitars. It’s Starbucks music, really. But not in a bad way. And their
sleepyheaded “Shhh, don’t wake the baby” cover of the Cure song “Just Like
Heaven” is as welcome in its own way as Dinosaur Jr. stomping in the opposite


Standout Tracks: “Just Like Heaven,” “How Am I to Be” ED MASLEY

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