WATERY LOVE- Decorative Feeding

Album: Decorative Feeding

Artist: Watery Love

Label: In The Red

Release Date: May 13, 2014

Watery Love 5-13



These grunt monsters call Philly home and it’s easy to see why they’d wanna reside in the City of Brotherly Love (also called Hostile City).  From Gary Heidnik to Frank Rizzo Philly’s had it list of characters worth writing songs about. Of course not one of these 9 songs is about either of those characters but with song titles like “Pump the Bimbo,” “”Competing Odors” and “Piece of Piss” you wonder what these folks are on about. All of that wouldn’t’ mean a damn thing if these guys didn’t have the tunes, but they do (have the tunes).

Guitarist/vocalist Richie Charles (ex-Clockcleaner) wants your money and your soul. I saw a few reviews liken these guys to Flipper, but I like Watery Love way more than I ever liked those San Francisco miscreants. These songs have honest-to-god hooks in them, I mean, you’re not gonna mistake it for a Bats or Real Estate record, but it is something you can tap your foot and wag your hair (head) to. If any of the current crop of professional wrestlers wanted to play something to get the crowd pumped up they’d spin this but that ain’t gonna happen (too busy playing Avenge Sevenfold or some such garbage). Oh and I wasn’t making those song titles up.

DOWNLOAD: “Dose the Host,” “Pump the Bimbo,” “Skulls in Zen,” “Piece of Piss”

Bonus beats: more Watery Love love right HERE.


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