WATERBOYS – Where The Action Is

Album: Where The Action Is

Artist: Waterboys

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Release Date: May 24, 2019



Mike Scott and the Waterboys have had a resurgence of late, thanks to their comeback album of sorts, 2017’s Out of All This Blue, a set of songs which reaffirmed their inherent strengths as an anthemic outfit well adept at sharing a sense of purpose and passion. The aptly dubbed Where The Action Is finds Scott and company maintaining that momentum, thanks to a sweeping set of songs that are as driving and deliberate as anything in their earlier catalog, the epic Fisherman’s Blues included.

The album commences with the powerful one-two punch of the title track and “London Mick,” but it’s a credit to Scott’s ability to balance energy and emotion that he can turn a telling ballad like “Right Side of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)”  and a contemplative rumination such as “In My Time On Earth” into such singular statements.

Scott’s philosophic tomes define him as one of rock’s more profound elder statesmen, thanks to the consistently compelling melodies that dig deep into the human psyche. And while “Take Me There I Will Follow You,” with its rap refrain and hint of hip-hop might throw off the faithful, it too fits remarkably well.

Granted, Where The Action Is may not be the absolute rave-up the album title implies, but it is a remarkably incisive effort that ought to remind one and all what a singularly important ensemble the Waterboys were… and still remain.

DOWNLOAD: “Right Side of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love),” “Where The Action Is,” “In My Time On Earth”

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