Water Liars – Phantom Limb

January 01, 1970





Conceived under murky circumstances – the
original premise indicated that these were outtakes from one of the principal’s
previous bands – Water Liars’ debut is more auspicious than their origins might
otherwise suggest. Essentially a two man operation consisting of songwriter,
vocalist, guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and drummer, producer,
multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant, the duo construct a woozy, sleepy-eyed set
of songs that often invade Neil Young territory at a point where old Shakey
seems especially morose.


That’s not to say that Phantom Limb is merely a shoegazing marathon; despite the slow,
sobering perspective ingrained within these melodies, Water Liars are also adept at asserting themselves. The triumphant opener
“$100,” the cranked up amplitude of “Short Hair” and the doggedly determined
“Whoa Back” belie the sense of regret and reflection that informs the album
overall. Noise and cacophony intrude at a couple of key intervals, but
fortunately don’t detract from their lilting sentiments, hushed harmonies and
agreeable caress. All in all, Phantom
makes for a surprisingly enticing offering.




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