Warren Haynes Band – Live at the Moody Theater

January 01, 1970





It’s not as if Warren Haynes needs to tout his credentials.
After all, his tenure with such revered jam bands as Gov’t. Mule, the Allman
Brothers, the Dickey Betts Band, Phil Lesh and Friends and the Dead speaks
volumes in terms of affirming his blues-rock credence. Even so, Haynes proves
equally  adept
when he’s on his own – or more specifically, at the helm of his namesake band –
a fact affirmed by this sumptuous CD
/ DVD package recorded in concert at Austin’s
Moody Theater.


Haynes and company share the best of their wares – the fiery
guitar licks, an exemplary rhythm section, horns and keyboards all locked in
sync through a rousing set of up-tempo blues and frenzied R&B. The band
draws liberally from their most recent studio set, last year’s breakthrough Man in Motion, while also tapping choice
covers as well – some of which are surprising (Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic,”
Jimi Hendrix’s “Spanish Castle Magic”), some not as much so (Sam Cooke’s
searing, soaring “A Change Is Gonna Come”) – each adding an ample dose of
veracity in the process.


While Haynes’ approach has, in the past, echoed the Allmans’
blues rock template (not surprising considering the predominant role he plays
in that veteran outfit), Live at the
Moody Theater
adds depth to
those designs, be it the relentless, reggae-infused “Dreaming Those Same
Dreams” (a co-write with Ziggy Marley) or the stirring sound of “Sick of My
Shadow” and “Take a Bullet.” Ex-Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan makes a cameo
appearance on three of these tracks, but the real secret weapon here is singer
Alecia Chakour, whose riveting vocal on “A Change Is Gonna Come” contributes to
one of several memorable moments.


Change Is Gonna Come,” “Sick of My Shadow,” “Pretzel Logic” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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