WARD WHITE – Is The Matador

Album: Is The Matador

Artist: Ward White

Label: Sutpen's Hundreds Music

Release Date: November 04, 2014

Ward White 11-4



Like a modern day ELO, blending pop hooks with a 1970s jones for synthesizes, Ward White has been making music since the late 1990s. His falsetto vocals are an acquired taste, but he’s managed to charm more than a few critics along the way.

In the decade and a half since his debut, his sound has changed a bit, at times coming close to country rock or singer/songwriter folk, but always with a strong pop core. His latest, Is The Matador, is more of the same. The lyrics a tad goofy at times and the voice, well love it or hate it, is still hanging out in the upper register.

Out of the 14 tracks here, there are one or two solid ones, but otherwise a pretty underwhelming effort. Regardless White is clearly content to keep on keepin’ on.

 DOWNLOAD: “Tumble”


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