WAKE UP LUCID – Gone With the Night

Album: Gone With The Night

Artist: Wake Up Lucid

Label: self-released

Release Date: March 31, 2015

Wake Up Lucid 3-31



Power trios have been a dime-a-dozen in rock & roll since the 60s, but that doesn’t mean the form is played out. Case in point: Wake Up Lucid. The method to this young L.A. act’s madness on Gone With the Night is open-mindedness – there are no boundaries to what kind of rock & roll a power trio should be making.

Thus “White Collar Love” kicks the half-dozen songs off in contemporary garage rock style, before the band veers into heavy blues rock with “Let It Roll” and folky balladry on “Don’t Fear. “Get Fucked” wallows in psychedelic excess, while “I Want” goes right for the hard rock jugular. The band brings it all home in the title track, injecting Ryan Baca’s bluesy soloing into a semi-acoustic acid ballad that drifts into the sunset like a fading dream. The consistent sonic vision from this tight-knit band of brothers keeps the eclectic tunes from diverging into dilletantism – every song sounds like it was made by the same band, no matter what the style. The strength of this EP begs the question of what WUL can do with a full-length LP to play with.

DOWNLOAD: “Gone With the Night,” “White Collar Love” “I Want”


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