Wake the President – You Can’t Change That Boy

January 01, 1970

(Magic Marker)




Is there something
in the water in Glasgow?
Or perhaps, in Scottish students’ final year of high school, the guidance counselors
advise, “Look, I know you have been a terrific student and all but prospects
are bleak this year. You can either go on the dole or buy some guitars and
start a pop band.” These guys did the latter and good for us and the band has
some hip cachet going for it as well: they hail from Glasgow, Scotland,
the record was originally released on Electric Honey Records (original home to
Belle & Sebastian) and was produced by Delgados drummer Paul Savage.  Even weirder still, the band is led by a set
of twins, Erik (vocals) and Bjorn (guitar)Sandberg. Ok, so maybe that’s not so


From the get go
the band sound like seasoned vets and not a band with their debut full-length.
“Something To Turn Up” wakes lazily but then, after the initial cup of joe, fires
on all cylinders while “Professor” churns and burns with a guitar sound
reminiscent of guys like Marr, Gedge and Collins n’ Kirk too. “Miss Tierney” is
this year’s “This Charming Man” with lovely, pleading vocals and some of the
jangliest guitar these ears have ever heard and the title track is pure Felt. If
you want to be captain obvious then pick up the latest from Franz Ferdinand
(probably not a bad choice, really), but if you really want to hear the sound
of young Scotland,
discover this band and be ahead of the curve.


Standout Tracks: “Remember Fun?”, “Miss Tierney”,
“Professor”, “The Security Place”






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