Vivian Girls – Vivan Girls

January 01, 1970

(In the Red)

Fuck you, Pipettes, we’re all listening to Vivian Girls now because they
actually play their own instruments. OK, so maybe it’s a little sexist to lump
two girl bands together, because after all, Vivian Girls aren’t just a “girl”
band, they’re a “band” band, right?


Well, yes and no. The Girls’ layered vocal harmonies and
echo-chamber recording sound like a lo-fi Phil Spector Wall of Sound. But this
Brooklyn-based band injects oodles of punk rock spirit, power chords, and
technique into its ‘60s pop. The Girls seem to be referencing the Pixies at
certain times and the Ramones at others, in their guitar and bass tones, as
well as one-word rave-ups like “No.” But the album’s best moment is the low-key
and calmed-down “Where Do You Run To,” where a chugging bass and syncopated
snare allow some more nuanced and effective singing to ring out. The vocals
aren’t always exactly in tune, but somehow it doesn’t matter.


Is this a great band? No, but it’s a good band, keeping
things simple and catchy.



Standout Tracks:  “Where Do You Run To”, “No” JONAH FLICKER


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