Viva Voce – Rose City

January 01, 1970



Love is always
in the air when Viva Voce’s tunes pervade a room. And it’s not because Kevin
and Anita Robinson are matrimonially bound, but that their delicate songs contemplate
the many faces of the aged old theme. Their fifth studio album does not pick
up where 2006’s heavy, psychedelic rock album, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out,
left off. It’s a quieter release.


Named after
their beloved hometown of Portland,
Oregon, Rose City reverts to the charmingly-quiet, swaying sounds of 2004’s The Heat Can
Melt Your Brain
. A strain of
psychedelic rock is prevalent throughout, with the bass laden track “Devotion” easily
the catchiest on the album as Anita’s guitar effortlessly wails the song to a
close. Reportedly the album was done quickly, in barely a month, but the craft
on display feels anything but rushed.


Standout Tracks: “Devotion,”
“Red Letter Day” APRIL S. ENGRAM


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