VIBRAVOID – In Gadda Da Vida 7”

Album: In--A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Artist: Vibravoid

Label: Fruits de mer

Release Date: August 09, 2016


The Upshot: 14-minute foray into rock and roll excess.


Purveyors of psychedlicacies, Fruits de Mer Records are back at it with another slab’o’wax from Germany’s Vibravoid, who turn in a reverent version of the oft parodied/vilified Iron Butterfly record. A hilarious Simpsons spoof aside, the song is the stuff of lava lamps, large bongs, dopey college roommates, moist towels stuffed at the base of dorm room doors and cheesy green screen video collages. So can we crab claw our way back (homage to the label) to a place in time where the song and its perceived cheesiness can we shaved away? Not on your life! This song is forever entombed in melted Velveeta so thick you could ski down its side. But hey who cares, the song is the sort of tune you’d play at the end of a set or after being called back on stage as an homage to rock and roll excess, after which you could retire backstage to eat your bowl of brown free M&M’s. Vibravoid turn in a wonderful homage on this 14-minute beast, that they split across two sides of the 7” record.  The only issue I have is it’s a tad too clean sounding and the song could’ve enjoyed a rougher production esthetic. The toms at one point just sound way too crisp, but hey all in all its cool to hear this song dusted off and given a fresh coat of paint.

DOWNLOAD: “In Gadda Da Vida Pt 1 & 2”

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